1. Fletcher Cox - Rated the top DT prospect by most analysts and a perfect fit for Washburn's W9. Most are saying he'll give immediate impact and should grow to be a STUD DT. The defense needs that kind of presence in the middle to not only put pressure on the QB but to help stop those gawdawful 30 yd runs up the middle.
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2. Mychal Kendricks - LBs who are short, under 6' are a liability ... right? There are exceptions and this kid seems to be a solid tackler, fast, very athletic and a proven football player. Lots of people are saying he's the second rated ILB in the draft behind Kuechley and would have been a first rounder if he were taller. Seems he can jump through the roof, run like a deer and hit like a truck though.
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3. Vinny Curry - This pick seems to support the BPA pronouncements from Howie. I've seen reports that he could have been taken in round 1. He's a local kid and should add some immediate solid depth to what's shaping up as a scary DL with a scary scheme for QBs.
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